Thank you:

Traffic: Teri Grooms for standing up for the traffic in the Inlet Village.

Resident Rights: Richard Blunt for standing up for residents rights.

Conservation Land: Nicolette Asselin for protecting our rights to conservation land.

If you are interested in participating in the Friends of The Inlet Village, please apply for a Board of Advisors position.


Legal Updates

  • COOLS: Citizen Owners of Love Street Case will be heard in court: date pending
  • JIVCA:  Jupiter Inlet Village Citizens Association filed a letter of intent to promptly file a legal action seeking declaratory and injunctive relief if the restaurant opens.



Arboretum Project

The Friends of the Inlet have proposed to start a fund with the value of the removed land in the mini-golf area with the goal to purchase a piece of land in the Inlet for an Arboretum and museum of Florida Native Plants. The site will also offer educational programs in conjunction or under either the Light House Museum or the River Center.

We have proposed that the Town of Jupiter assist in creating a site appropriate “Florida Native Trees and Plants Arboretum Path” as well on Dubois and Beach Road.

Read initial proposal

Arboretum Committee

  • Nicolette Asselin, Board of Directors,
  • Susan Lerner, President,
  • Judy Dow, Board Member,
  • Donna Fuhr, Honorary Landscape Estuary
  • Marty Woods, Chair Landscape Estuary
  • Wendy Judson, Board Member, HOA C
  • Pam Mullender, Past-President POA Jupiter Dune

Resources and Models